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Up and Away's replica jackets have recently received inclusion in children's fashion photo spreads, children's web site reviews, celebrity gifting opportunities, etc. These include:

*"Kid Nation" 2007, A-2 Bomber worn by Nathan Gibes playing himself

Magazines & Newspapers
*Earnshaw's, June 2018 issue, "Jurassic Parka," Paleontologist Jacket, page 21.
*The Little Revolution Magazine, Spring/Summer 2017, Girl's MA-1 Flight Jacket and Racing Jacket Windbreaker, pages 29 and 37.  http://www.thelittlerevolution.co.uk/little-revolution-ss17/
*Poster Child Magazine, Spring 2017, "Girl Power," Space Shuttle Jacket and MA-1 Flight Jacket, pages 96 - 109.  http://posterchildmag.com/issue-10
*Basic Magazine, Benny and Jaxyn Harlem feature, September 2016, A-2 Bomber Jacket, Army Field Jacket, and Space Shuttle Jacket, pages 144 - 151.
*Pregnancy & Newborn
, February 2016 issue, "Good Gear / Haute Tots Be My Valentine" section, Page 90. 
*The Nation 2015 Holiday Gift Guide, RCAF Bomber Jacket, November 27, 2015, Page 33.
*Ottawa Life Magazine Nov/Dec 2014 Holiday Issue Annual Holiday Gift Guide, and the Globe and Mail, November 21, 2014. http://issuu.com/ottawalifers/docs/olm_novdec_14
*San Diego Tribune, May 24, 2014, and Los Angeles Times, May 25, 2014, A-2 Bomber Jacket, http://www.utsandiego.com/photos/2014/may/24/1334528/
*Ocean Magazine, Fall 2013, Racing Jacket Windbreaker, MA-1 Flight Jacket, Girl's Rock & Roll Jacket, and Space Shuttle Jacket, page 63
*Hudson's October - November 2011, Racing Jacket windbreaker, Page 44
*Baby Shop Magazine's Fall/Winter 2011, A-2 Bomber jacket, Page 20
*Hudson's July 2011, Racing Jacket windbreaker, Page 17
*Sacramento Magazine (and sacmag.com) December 2010, "Fabulous Finds: Children"
*Style Cafe Mom's Magazine Blog November 9, 2010, MA-1 Flight and Girl's Rock & Roll Jacket
*Tot Trends Weekly Magazine Volume 6, Issue 6, September 26, 2010, Girl's Rock & Roll Jacket
*Hudson's September 2010, Girl's Rock & Roll Jacket, Page 20
*Earnshaw's Magazine's Daily E-shaw's Email Blasts August 24, 2010, Girl's Rock & Roll Jacket

*OK! Weekly July 20, 2009, A-2 Bomber Jacket on Prince Jackson in 2001, Page 34
*kids LA magazine Winter, 2008, A-2 Bomber Jacket, Page 35
*Hudson's October-November 2008, Astronaut Jacket, Page 24
*ANSOM (Army/Navy Store and Outdoor Merchandiser) February 2008, Camouflage Jacket, Page 77
*Hudson's January 2008, MA-1 Jacket, Page 52
*babycouture Winter 2007, MA-1 & A-2 Bomber Jackets, Pages 80 and 84
*ANSOM October 2007, Camouflage Jacket, Page 32
*babycouture Fall 2007, Camouflage Jacket, Page 72
*Hudson's January 2007, A-2 Bomber Jacket, Cover
*Earnshaw's January 2007, MA-1 Jacket, Page 46

Web Site / Reviews

*The Mommyhood Chronicles Blog, December 24, 2015, "Need A Winter Jacket--Up and Away Jackets To The Rescue!", Girl's MA-1 Flight Jacket and Paleontologist Jacket, http://www.the-mommyhood-chronicles.com/2015/12/need-a-winter-jacket-up-and-away-jackets-to-the-rescue/

*Growing Up Madison, December 20, 2015, Up and Away Jackets For Everyone, Girl's MA-1 Flight Jacket and Paleontologist Jacket, http://www.growingupmadison.com/search/label/Fashion

*Babystylista Blog, December 18, 2015, "From Princess To Air Force Pilot:  Microfashion For Pretend Play Up and Away Jackets, Girl's MA-1 Flight Jacket, http://www.babystylista.com/from-princess-to-air-force-pilot-microfashion-for-pretend-play-up-and-away-jackets/

*Babystylista Blog, December 14, 2015, "From Princess To Paleontologist:  Microfashion For Pretend Play Up and Away Jackets," Paleontologist Jacket, http://www.babystylista.com/from-princess-to-paleontologist-microfashion-for-pretend-play-up-and-away-jackets/

*Babystylista Blog, November 24, 2014, "Planes, Dames, and Automobiles," Officer's Jacket

*We Have It All Blog, October 13, 2014, MA-1 Flight Jacket

*Chic Luxuries Blog, Holiday Gift Guide, October 5, 2014, Boy's Letterman Jacket

*The Mommyhood Chronicles Blog, September 25, 2014, Space Shuttle Jacket

*Feisty Frugal & Fabulous Blog, September 8, 2014, Canadian Snowbirds Jacket

*Mom And More Blog, September 5, 2014, Field Jacket

*A Mom's Take Blog, August 21, 2014, Racing Jacket

*Babystylista Blog, Aug 15, 2014, Quirkie Ways To Wear Pink, Girl's Rock & Roll Jacket

*Growing Up Madison Blog, July 27, 2014,  Motorcycle Jacket:

*Babystylista Blog, September 5, 2013, Motorcycle Jacket, http://babystylista.com/?p=4305

*DailyMail.co.uk, March 2, 2013, Charlize Theron Buying Her Son Our A-2 Bomber Jacket in Beverly Hills, photo #13, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2287281/Charlize-Theron-supports-son-Jackson-barbers-chair-gets-locks-trimmed.html

*Babystylista Blog, February 18, 2013, Field Jacket, http://babystylista.com/?p=3557

*The Boys Store, September 16, 2012, MA-1 Flight Jacket, Boy's Letterman Jacket, and Racing Jacket, http://theboysstore.com/blog/2012/09/16/

*Babystylista Blog, March 6, 2012, Girl's Rock & Roll Jacket, http://babystylista.com/?p=1469

*Babystylista Blog, November 23, 2011, A-2 Bomber, RCAF Bomber, RCAF Flight, MA-1 Flight, & Astronaut Jackets, http://babystylista.com/?p=977

*Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous Blog, October 10, 2010, Girl's Rock & Roll Jacket

*Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous Blog, October 21, 2010, Royal Canadian Air Force Bomber Jacket

* Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous Blog, "You're Such a Space Cadet", November 11, 2009

* OKMagazine.com, July 2009, "Michael Jackson's Life As A Dad" Photo Gallery Shot #11 of Prince Jackson wearing A-2 Bomber Jacket in 2001

*Tot Trends Weekly Magazine, February 24, 2008

*Celebrity-Babies.com, September 25, 2007

Fashion Shows
*Fuze It Worldwide Los Angeles, House of Blues, May 19, 2012, A-2 Bomber, MA-1 Flight and Racing Jackets

*Fuze It Worldwide San Diego, House of Blues, April 7, 2012, A-2 Bomber and MA-1 Flight Jackets

*Fuze It Worldwide San Diego, House of Blues, November 12-13, 2011, MA-1 Flight Jacket

*Fuze It Worldwide Hollywood, Level 3 Nightclub's Hollywood & Highland Complex, September 4, 2011, full-line of Up and Away's boy's and girl's jackets

Celebrity Gifting Participation
*Distinctive Assets' "2007 Babes In Toyland" Promotion, December 2007
*Distinctive Assets' "2007 Father's Day in Hollywood" Promotion, June 2007

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